Pug with sunglasses on living its best life at Alexan Kendall.

Pup Paradise at Alexan Kendall

Prepare to be bow-wowed! 🐾

Not only will you be living the dream life at Alexan Kendall, but your furry friend will be too! Our pet inspired amenities, will have your furry friend wagging his or her tail the second they step foot in their new apartment in Miami Florida!

Unleash Fun at our Dog Park

Let your pup roam free and socialize with furry friends at our expansive fenced dog park. With stimulating agility equipment and comfortable, shaded seating areas, it’s the perfect place for your furry friend to play and exercise.

Pampering at our Pet Spa

Treat your beloved pet to a spa day at our convenient pet spa. Complete with grooming stations and all the pup-inspired amenities your furry companion needs to look and feel their best, it’s a pampering experience they’ll love—and you can avoid the mess in your new apartment!

Agility Adventures at our Course

Challenge your pup’s agility and skills at our specially designed agility course. Watch as they navigate through obstacles and unleash their inner champion in a safe and stimulating environment.

At Alexan Kendall, we’ve created a paradise where both you and your furry friend can live life to the fullest.

Strolling Through Your New Neighborhood

Explore your new community in Miami, Florida with your pup by your side. Take leisurely walks around the neighborhood and discover nearby parks and pet-friendly spots!

Home Sweet Home

Settling into a new home is an exciting journey, not just for you but for your pup too! Ensure your furry friend feels at ease with our curated list of essentials for apartment living. Click here to make your pup’s new home extra- cozy and comfortable!

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A group of 5 happy residents after a great workout in Alexan Kendall's fitness center, a sense of community and camaraderie.

Fit and Fabulous at Alexan Kendall

Convenience Makes Consistency 

At Alexan Kendall, we believe that consistency is the cornerstone of fitness success, and convenience is the key to achieving it. Say goodbye to the hassle of gym commutes, parking lot chaos, and battling over rusty equipment. With our accessible state-of-the-art fitness center, complete with top-notch strength and cardio equipment and even a kid’s room, your workout routine is steps away from your new apartment in Kendall, Miami.

We’ve made working out easy for you, with our kid’s room where your little ones can have fun while your getting fit! No more sharing sweaty spaces—after your session, indulge in the luxury of a clean, spa-like shower right at home, leaving you feeling refreshed and fabulous!

New Gym, New Routine, New Mindset 

It’s time to refresh your fitness journey at Alexan Kendall!  Whether you’re a seasoned gym-goer or looking to dive into fitness for the first time, a new gym offers endless possibilities and a fresh perspective to conquer your goals. Perhaps you’ve grown accustomed to hitting the gym after work, but now envision starting your day with a morning workout before work, empowered by the accessibility and convenience of our facilities.

A new gym is the perfect opportunity for a new routine—explore a workout app to curate a personalized plan or simply track your progress! Why do it alone when there’s an app for everything? Explore a variety of options here.

Fit Tips 

Living at Alexan Kendall makes incorporating all your new goals and healthy habits a breeze. Whether you’re aiming for strength or muscle growth, remember the importance of progressive overload and adjusting your plan every 8 weeks for optimal progress! Prioritize muscle maintenance and recovery by embracing rest days, which can be a breeze with our beautiful resort-style pool, cabanas, and hammocks—perfect for post-leg day relaxation! Let your rest days at Alexan Kendall be your motivation in the gym!

Remembering the 80/20 rule and that abs are made in the kitchen is a piece of cake when you have a brand-new kitchen built for a chef! Meal prepping and fueling up pre- and post-workout just got fun! Click here for some high-protein recipes to whip up in your new kitchen at Alexan Kendall.

Workout Views 

Imagine working out in paradise—where every rep is one step closer to laying out at our resort inspired pool and cabanas! With our state-of-the-art training facility and breathtaking views of swaying palms and glistening pools, every workout becomes an experience like no other.

Scientifically proven to boost your workout mojo, the stunning scenery will have you powering through your workouts with ease, fueled by the motivation of soaking up the sunshine and indulging in our resort inspired amenities that await you afterward.

Build Fitness Friendships  

At Alexan Kendall, your fitness journey goes beyond sculpting your dream body and building muscles. Our state-of-the-art facility provides the perfect backdrop for building lasting bonds with like-minded individuals who share the same passion for fitness.

Whether finding a gym buddy, discovering Pilates partners, or joining a running club with neighbors, the opportunities for community and camaraderie are endless.

Let’s have fun getting fit together—from impromptu workouts to brunch dates, creating memories beyond the weight floor. Join us to flex and connect with your new neighbors and experience the power of fitness and friendship at Alexan Kendall!

 Privacy, Safety, and Savings & More

Enjoy the comfort of exercising in a private setting without the presence of strangers, ensuring your workouts are focused and uninterrupted. Plus, with a safe environment available 24/7, you can sweat it out at any hour with peace of mind. And let’s not forget the cost savings—ditch the pricey gym memberships and revel in the value-added benefits of our apartment fitness center. With all these perks and more, there’s no doubt that Alexan Kendall is your ultimate fitness destination. So, lace up your sneakers, grab your water bottle, and let’s get sweating!

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A happy Alexan Kendall resident smiling from ear to ear holding her sunglasses in sunny Kendall, Florida.

A day in the life as an Alexan Kendall Resident

Rise & Shine at Alexan Kendall


There’s nothing like waking up in your new apartment in Kendall, Florida with endless possibilities to start the morning off right! A new apartment calls for a new routine. Take your pup for a walk and grab your daily dose of caffeine from our complimentary hospitality bar. Enjoy your cup of caffeine on your private patio or balcony as you watch the sunrise.

Rise & Grind

Work Smarter Not Harder at Alexan Kendall

Get up and get after it at our flexible work-from-home lounges equipped with Mac monitors, printing stations, and private video conferencing rooms. Alexan Kendall makes it easy to be productive in a comfortable environment with plenty of natural light and beautiful views to motivate you! 

Move and Groove at Alexan Kendall

A workout is the best way to blow off steam or release stress! Get your blood pumping and endorphins flowing nice and early! Energize your morning with a workout in our state-of-the-art fitness center. Whether it’s cardio, strength training, or functional exercises, you’ll find everything you need to stay fit and healthy.

Dog Park Adventures at Alexan Kendall 

Embark on tail wagging trails at Alexan Kendall! Let your furry friends run wild and play to their heart’s content in our expansive fenced dog parks, complete with stimulating agility equipment. Watch as they get as messy as they please, knowing cleanup is a breeze at our convenient pet spas equipped with grooming stations. After a thorough cleanup, head home with your furry friends feeling refreshed and ready to get cozy in your clean, mess-free apartment!

Afternoons at Alexan Kendall

Creative Break? Yes please, sign us up! Take a break from work and indulge your creative side in our creative studio. Experiment with DIY projects and unleash your inner creativity. 

Not feeling creative? Cool off and unwind in the resort-style saltwater pools at Alexan Kendall. Lounge on sun ledges, relax in cabanas, and enjoy lush landscaping that transports you to your very own tropical paradise. Now all you’re missing is a refreshing beverage! Check out our summer sip inspo here

Don’t forget about our hammocks, discover the must-read books for this summer here on Goodreads! From thrilling mysteries to heartwarming romances, find the perfect hammock or pool side read! 

Lunch time at Alexan Kendall 

Lunch time just got extra delicious! At Alexan Kendall, our kitchens are designed to elevate your culinary experience. Featuring state-of-the-art appliances, sleek countertops, and ample storage space, our kitchens are a chef’s dream come true.

Whether you’re hosting a party or preparing a quick weekday meal, you’ll appreciate the functionality and style of our modern kitchen designs. With premium finishes and thoughtful layouts, cooking becomes a pleasure rather than a chore!

Explore our favorite new recipes perfect for your new kitchen at Alexan Kendall! From nutritious meal preps to delectable dishes, discover culinary inspiration here

Evenings at Alexan Kendall 

Gather with friends in our curated clubrooms designed for entertaining. Enjoy HDTV streaming lounges, shuffleboard, billiards, and game tables for a fun-filled evening. Feeling competitive? Challenge your new Alexan Kendall neighbors to a round of shuffleboard! 

Dinner with a view at Alexan Kendall 

Al Fresco Dining

Prepare a delicious dinner at our outdoor kitchens or fire up the grills in the thoughtfully designed recreational areas. Dine under the stars at our swing tables. 

Family Fun

At Alexan Kendall, there is always room for family fun! Spend quality time with your loved ones at our family-focused playground. Let the kiddies explore the Kopman Parkour adventure course, we promise endless smiles are a guarantee! 

Sunset Bike Cruise 

Wrap up your day at Alexan Kendall with a scenic sunset bike tour around our lively neighborhood. Relax knowing that we not only offer secure bike storage but also provide repair services, ensuring smooth sailing for every ride.


After a day out in the sun filled with fun, retreat to your comfortable new luxury apartment in Kendall, Florida for a peaceful night’s sleep. With designer features like chef-inspired kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, and tech-rich amenities, every moment at Alexan Kendall feels like a vacation.

Late Night Movie Night 

Not ready for the day to end? Cuddle up in your new apartment’s living room for a cozy movie night! Don’t forget the popcorn!

No need to spend hours searching for the perfect movie! We’ve got you covered. Click here to discover our new movie recommendations for 2024! 

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Welcome to the Neighborhood

Immerse yourself in this vibrant community located in the West Kendall neighborhood. Alexan Kendall offers brand new luxury apartments in the heart of the future Kendall Town Center retail development. Settle into your new home in the suburbs of Miami, FL enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and style. Double amenities offer plenty of room to live, work, and play both indoors and out so you and your furry friends feel at home.

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